virtual office Montenegro

Virtual office in Montenegro starting at 35 € per month

Artemon In addition to its core business, we can also offer to create your virtual office in Montenegro to help you save your costs and better prepare for local laws. One of the surely biggest expenses each employer has is the cost of renting office space and other costs that go with your business premises. It also includes employees that you have to pay to make phone calls, check emails, etc. Now with Artemon, this can become a past, if you live outside Montenegro.

This type of service is intended for single and legal persons who want to be present in the Montenegrin market. This solution is ideal for the beginnings of a new market, a small business or a large home-based business, as well as for those who want to expand into new markets without additional risk.

If you are looking for a business address and associated services that will reflect the professionalism with which you are leading your business, we provide support – the impression of doing business in the new market at a price you can afford.

The virtual office service at Artemon allows you to:

Register your office or company at the address in Montenegro,
You will have at your disposal a person who will be available to you for:


  • Local phone numbers dialing and negotiating, answering calls, forwarding and recording calls

  • Administrative support

  • Do your business from Montenegro, and you live anywhere

  • Collecting and forwarding your mail

  • Communication with the relevant Tax Administration that we will perform on your behalf (optional),

  • Bookkeeping service (option) and

  • Legal aid (optional).