Bookkeeping services

  • Analyzing the results of operations in a given period of time

  • Identification of assets, liabilities and personal capital on a specific day

  • Provide the necessary data for the control of persons with individual control permissions

  • Providing data for the purposes of planning results of operations, balance of assets and inflows and outflows of money

  • Providing data for the purposes of controlling the execution of the planned size

  • Wages

    and many other services…

How do it?

The discussion and analysis of customer needs
Through conversations with clients we obtain information about their needs and desires in order to find the most optimal processes for collecting, processing and analysis of documents and data
Analysis of customer requirements and needs for specific reports
The process of accounting services is conditioned form of organization of the client, ownership structure, the size of the company, amount of documentation and data, and a place for data processing
The agreement of exchange of the documents
Arranging the obligations of service users
Arranging obligations of SVM Solutions
Arranging the delivery date documentation and reports to Client – SVM Solutions – Client, (2 to 3 days from the date of change)
Responsibilities and validity of documents
The client checks and is responsible for the accuracy and authenticity of the changes reported in the submitted documentation (law for VAT)

1. Basic accounting services
Making calculations of retail and wholesale
Posting calculations wholesale and retail trade in financial accounting
Sales and purchase ledger
Making of payment system
Cash register
Keeping incoming and outgoing invoices (KPR and KIR)
Calculation of VAT
Payroll and contributions
List, depreciation and reevaluation of fixed assets
Preparation of final accounts
Preparation of periodic reports

2. Special accounting services and reports
Analytical balance records, accounts, listings of open items
Business Analysis
Drafting rationalization of other procedures related to accounting
Accounting by units and projects
Rating creditworthiness of your customers
Business plans and feasibility studies
Preparation of reports and documentation for loans
Financial analysis and ratio analysis
Valuation and equipment
Judicial financial expertise