Artemon International Kft.was founded in European Union since the business emerged rapidly over the recent years, therefore the founder of Artemon Montenegro copmany who exsist for 10+ years decided to spread the business to EU market by creating a powerfull business partner for all the investments that would connect the world with European Union.

As one of the leading and most diverse financial services firm, Artemon serves the needs of our clients by offering a world-class project funding platform coupled with straightforward, intelligent advice.

We are specialized in sale of properties around the bay of Kotor, Tivat bay, Lustica, Budva, Petrovac, Perazica Do, all around Montenegro.

Renewables such as wind and solar power already account for almost 80% of newly built capacity for electricity generation. Investors and markets are convinced of their reliability and competitiveness.

Why chose us?

1. Professionalism

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2. Quality of work

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4. Diversity

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